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Need press & media coverage for your launch, event, or press conference? We'd love to help you organize coverage.


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Branding is more than just a fancy logo.. Branding is one of our greatest attributes contact the PMG Branding Team


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Make your proposal leap bounds and land the discussion maker's interest with a well-designed proposal.


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Every year depending on what city we in, it's our pleasure to offer affordable workshops for those in search of growth and opportunity

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We are here to help you reach your objective.

Ms. Lawrence
Ms. LawrenceMarketingPRPress Release WritingPublic Affairs

Marquette University Grad Student, Publicist, Producer of ALL MEN ROCK, Publisher of Exposure Magazine and busy professional

Jeremy Schmidt
Jeremy SchmidtBrandingBusiness ConsultantMarketingPress Release Writing

UWM Milwaukee Grad Student with over 8 years in the business of marketing and public relations.

Mrs. Kathy Baron
Mrs. Kathy BaronOperations Director

It is an honor to oversee the operations at PMG for more than 10 years I have worked with the company on several mainstream projects, now in my retirement years I still find time to ensure great customer service.

K. Lawrence
K. LawrenceMarketingwordpress

UWM Milwaukee Grad Student finding potential clients and maintaining professional relationships, is my primary goal at PMG. We make it a group effort to network with others.

AmbercodingPHPweb developmentwordpress

Undergrad at Davidson College, I enjoy building interactive web designs with my team. We make it possible for small business owners to find cost effective solutions.

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Mobile Marketing & PR

We have some new and exciting products to help you drive consumers to your business off and online. Whether you have a website, a business, or even a band, you want to make sure your users can engage with your brand anytime and anywhere.

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Press Media Genius
Chicago |  Atlanta  |  Virginia  | Maryland
Corporate E-Mail:
P: (646) 820.9347

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"Outstanding Service and Cost Effective."

Dr. Dudley

" I have learned so much working with Ms. Lawrence, Senior Publicist at PMG."

Quote Author Cedric Nettles

" It is a pleasure and honor to have professionals who value their skills."

Mrs. Tiffany Graceland
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Effective media relations and outreach isn’t just about getting placements on TV outlets, radio stations, newspapers, magazines and online. In fact, that’s only the beginning. Motion PR has a history of turning media contacts into collaborators and collaborators into trusted, long-time advocates of our clients and campaigns. We’re relationship builders, and we have the results to prove it.

We make sure that our clients have all the right answers come interview time. Our hands-on training sessions help clients look great and feel comfortable while they steal the spotlight for their brands. With our guidance, every interview is a perfect opportunity to get a memorable brand message across to the media.

PMG takes a thoughtful, strategic and creative approach to building your brand’s communications plan with our extensive PR capabilities.
We work with you to create a dynamic PR plan that works in synergy with your other marketing components, raising the volume on your brand in a cleverly orchestrated fashion and creating real results that propel your brand forward, toward its goals.

PMG has planned, managed and orchestrated some of the most talked-about events in Chicago and across the country – concerts, fundraisers, mobile marketing tours, speaking engagements, press conferences, and promotions. From black tie affairs to off-the-wall stunts, we make every event memorable and turn heads in the process.

Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter are only the tip of the iceberg. PMG is on the cutting edge of innovative online marketing techniques that keep our clients’ brands evolving a step ahead of the rest and this has proven quite the asset on the public relations capabilities front for many a satisfied client.

There’s nothing like bursting out of the gates with clients as their products, services and passions go live. We plant the seeds for on-the-go success with early media outreach and marketing, and rev up the positive buzz and momentum well before the red ribbon is cut.

We never underestimate the power of the word of mouth. Grassroots efforts allow us to roll up our sleeves and reach consumers on a face-to-face playing field, where they live, shop and play.  By rolling up our sleeves and putting on our creative hats, we can break out of the clutter in unique ways to grab on-the-go consumers.

Whether it’s a festival looking for backers, a television program looking to fill paid-spots or an Olympic athlete looking for endorsements, we know exactly who to target and just how to reel them in.  We’ve reached out to hundreds of companies and have secured sponsorships and partnerships on multiple levels for personalities, non-profits and traditional brands.

Company brochures, websites, bios, press kits, signage, taglines – we’ve created them, tweaked them and nursed them back to life. Carpal tunnel syndrome? Bring it on.

No company welcomes a crisis, but we welcome putting our clients in the best position to handle them. When a crisis presents itself, we help navigate our clients towards the best possible outcome and dealing with reputation management is a PR capability at which we excel.

PMG serves as PR Managers for notable names  including: Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist Kristin Armstrong, “The Voice” singer Jamie Lono and Marquette University’s Head Basketball Coach, Buzz Williams. The bulk of PMG’s work with these figures are booking speaking engagements, but we also assist in coordinating media stories where appropriate.


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